Getting from Denpasar Airport To Seminyak

Denpasar Airport To Seminyak

Want to know the best way to get from Denpasar Airport To Seminyak? Book a transfer from the villa you are staying at and avoid the hassle of dealing with Bali taxi drivers at the airport.

You have 4 options to get from Denpasar airport to Seminyak:

  1. Arrange a private transfer with the villa you are staying at
  2. Arrange a transfer with the hotel you are staying at, with countless (literally countless, they won’t count) other guests
  3. Deal with the wall of “taxi” drivers waiting to accost you at the airport
  4. Get the phone number for Ketut

And don’t forget you need some local currency, so remember to stop at an ATM on the way.

Denpasar Airport To Seminyak

The smart thing to do is arrange airport transfers with the Seminyak Villa you have booked for your holiday in Bali.

At Villa Koru, we provide complimentary airport transfers for every guest arrival. We have our own driver, Wayan, who looks after all our guest transfers.

For up to 4 guests a private airport pickup and transfer to Villa Koru is complimentary.

We say that because in our considerable experience, trying to save money by booking a single transfer for 6 people plus luggage only ends in tears – because clearly, you all won’t fit – even in a 6 seater air-conditioned SUV.

So for 6 people, we recommend 2 cars. The first is complimentary, the second for IDR250k (around USD$20) – so you don’t have to worry about… anything. Remember, getting from Denpasar airport to Seminyak is all about minimising stress, and making the first few hours of your Bali holiday a low-friction experience.

We connect you with our driver before you depart, so you have his number, and he has yours. There is WiFi at the airport and we provide a safe, public meeting point. Just in case of delays, or somebody being held up trying to bring a case of wine through customs, we have you covered.

Pretty much every villa worthy of the name will provide transfers from Denpasar Airport to Seminyak.

You may be asking why we ask $20 for the second car? Look at the photos. These guys need to factor in downtime for the fares they are not getting, and we simply ask you help support the local community by paying a fair rate for a guaranteed, low friction pickup with a trustworthy driver in a clean, air-conditioned 6-seater SUV. The operative words being guaranteed and trustworthy.

Hotel Transfers – The Lottery of Airport Pickups

If you are staying at a hotel in Bali and have arranged pickup from the airport, here’s a handy reminder. The level of service you get is directly correlated to the price per night you pay the hotel.

Promises will be made. Tears will be shed. Holidays will get off to a not-so-good start if you don’t have a clear expectation of what level of service you are getting from your hotel. And if you are staying at a hotel that charges less than $100 per room – please don’t expect a reliable, we-have-you-covered no-doubt airport pickup service.

This is fine for people who don’t have higher-than-reality expectations. There may be a mini-van involved. There will quite likely be other guests, some of whom are not as quick as you getting through immigration. That long line you were in before collecting your luggage? Your fellow guests may be in that line. That air-conditioned comfort you were promised? It gets turned on in the mini-van when the last guests arrive.

Seriously, you are better off calling Ketut.

The Wall – Taxi Drivers at Denpasar Airport

Let me give you a tip. They aren’t really taxi drivers. They are private operators using the excuse to offer you a taxi as a reason to engage in conversation. And after a long flight, the seemingly friendly gentlemen pushing their taxi services onto you are pretty much guaranteed to end in a ride in a private car – usually, a minivan, to be fair – or for the unwitting a smaller than average private car smelling of yesterday’s lunch.

The issue is not so much the cost – although they will willingly accept what the market will bear – but their increasingly aggressive attitude.

Denpasar Airport To Seminyak

Expect to pay IDR250k (around USD$20) for a ride to Seminyak. During peak hours, which is more often than not, you may be asked to pay up to double that. And in off-peak times (increasingly less often) you can haggle your way down to a reasonable IDR12ok.

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) is the order of the day. If you think you have struck a bargain at lower than market rates, then fearing for your safety is probably a smart state of mind.

You can Google “Bluebird Taxis” all you want, but they nearly all carry fake ID’s identifying themselves as Bluebird drivers simply as a method for capturing business.

Having said all of that, it’s all relative. If you end up spending $30 to get to Seminyak ($60 to Ubud) and you’re happy with that, then all is good in the world.

However, when you first land, the last thing you need is the in-your-face stress of negotiating with an unknown purveyor of dubious quality transport in the first moments of your long-dreamed-about holiday in Bali.

You are better off calling Ketut.

Why you should call Ketut

Everyone has a friend who has been to Bali. Everyone. It’s easier to find a friend who has been to Bali to recommend their mate Ketut for a transfer from Denpasar Airport to Seminyak than it is to be connected to Kevin Bacon through six degrees of separation. That’s a fact.

Here’s the thing. Make sure you connect with Ketut (or whatever his name is) before you get to Bali. And make sure the relationship they have with your dear, widely travelled friend is solid and not just a “hey, we went on tour with this guy and he was great!” kind of relationship.

Because you may be waiting at the airport, with your guy nowhere in sight because he got a better offer that day (morning, evening, or even at the airport) and now you have to deal with – you guessed it – The Wall of Taxi Drivers to get from Denpasar Airport to Seminyak!