High-Speed Internet Consistently 90 mbs Down – 86 mbs Up – Using a VPN via SG

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We have a new provider, MTM, that provides high-speed internet connectivity. We have day-trader digital nomads staying frequently so we are set up with the most reliable, fast and secure fibre connection money can buy.

The living room is equipped with a 55-inch Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Curved Screen TV with Bluetooth keyboard, WiFi, Netflix, Youtube, USB and HDMI ports and the best Internet connection in Bali that money can buy.

Bedroom 1 has a Samsung 43-inch HD Smart WiFi TV also connected through WiFi.

Bedroom 2 has a 55-inch Samsung 4K Smart LED Flatscreen TV that also connects through WiFi to the same services.

Bedroom 3 (also known as “The Retreat”) doesn’t have a TV (you can thank me later).

We used to provide Indovision satellite channels, but after 5 years of no one ever using it, we had it disconnected.